Supporting #PupilVoiceWeek 2020 – it’s good to talk

Digital Her was delighted to partner with Pupil Voice Week this year. Pupil Voice Week is an initiative started by Manchester-based tootoot who have created award-winning safeguarding software for schools. Each year, Pupil Voice Week focuses on a different theme – this year the key message was “it’s good to talk.” It was a celebration of the positive changes you can make by using your voice to speak out against discrimination and inequality. 

This message is incredibly important to everyone at Digital Her. Our mission is to introduce more girls to digital and tech by getting conversations started and creating connections with industry role models. By sharing stories and guidance, we will show young women that the sector needs them and that they can have a fantastic future in digital. As part of Pupil Voice Week, we held a special panel at one of our virtual events for girls as they go through their college journey.

How do you find your voice?

Our panellists Alice, Katie, Rebecca and Lucy were all passionate about the importance of using your voice and speaking up for yourself. We all know it can be easy to keep quiet because you feel someone else will know better. Building the confidence to speak up can take time, but the key is working hard to build a belief in your ability, skills and experience. Just because you think someone else will know better is no excuse to not share your unique thoughts, feelings and opinions. Lucy, Head of Marketing at tootoot shared some fantastic advice with our audience of first year girls at Tameside College. She said “always speak up and always do what you think is right. If you can learn to trust that your voice will be heard and listened to, that’s what gives you the confidence to speak up. I always remind myself that I know just as much, and sometimes even more, than the other people in the room.”

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If you’re at a school or college, make sure you check out Pupil Voice Week and tootoot online.

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