Lockdown or code down?!

We hear from one of Digital Her’s role models, Dhavinia Chauhan about how she’s kept calm and coded on through lockdown.

So, Dhavinia, what have you been up to whilst in lockdown…?

Yes, you have guessed it – coding! There are so many programming languages to learn and it’s fair to say I have picked up more by going to hackathons. So, after going through my list I decided to pick Java! Its quite popular in the working world and I thought it would be a good idea to keep coding throughout lockdown and keep learning algorithms (I only do this sometimes! Haha)

So far, I have completed the following modules: Variables and Data Types, Control Flow and Conditionals, Functions and Loops. It is a shame that my two-year course of A levels came to a sudden end, but I am proud to say that I have continued learning. I haven’t been doing this every single day, but I have tried to schedule time in. For all learning and revision to come to a halt isn’t the best for our brains and by training your muscle little and often you won’t come to a sudden shock when you’re asked to get back into the grind again!

It’s great to keep learning but taking the time to relax and taking the time for you is much more important. Being at home has enabled me to practice more of my other hobbies and do activities that I enjoy – although it does get boring sometimes at home and I do miss my friends; I know that when the time comes we will be thriving with joy!

There have been some parts of Java which were annoying (SEMI COLONS!) but it is a learning curve and this ties in nicely in with the Growth Mindset…

Many of you who know me and have seen my speeches, that I do as a Digital Her Role Model, have often heard me mention the ‘Growth Mindset’. I feel extremely passionate about this and it is something which I always have in mind. Determination and passion play a key role and by persevering through the challenges and not giving up, you will go far. Sometimes success doesn’t come straight away, but I believe that the journey towards the goal is worth much more. Challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone is the only way you will learn and grow. Having that belief inside you and that dream will drive you to your destination.

Now I want to encourage you, YES YOU, to try and do something you may find difficult – it may be coding, cooking or even running?! Be bold, daring and just go for it… you CAN do it!

And… what is that quote that I always say? Aha how could you all forget(!)

“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.”

Stay safe and happy coding! – Dhavinia

If she can see it, she can be it

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