MentorHER is a sustainable mentoring programme supporting women to thrive in the tech sector in our region. Our mission is to build a community of mentees who, once they have completed the programme, will then ‘pay it forward’ and give back to the next generation of women joining the industry.

Community is a huge part of MentorHER, with participants forging relationships not only with their partner but a whole network of women across Greater Manchester and beyond.

The programme takes each cohort through:

  • A Kick Off Event, where our cohort meet, get to know each other & set intentions for the programme
  • Training for Mentors & Mentees
  • Monthly Connect sessions online where Mentors come together & Mentees come together with our programme leaders for bespoke training & support responsive to their needs (optional)
  • Monthly Mentor-Mentee meetings
  • End of Programme Celebrations

MentorHER is not about teaching in specific technical skills such as coding, but instead draws on coaching techniques alongside advice, networking and other traditional mentoring practices to help Mentees to flourish. One key focus is to facilitate time to reflect, explore and develop what the idea of a successful career looks like to each individual.

As a sector we need to ensure that women are encouraged not only to join but also feel confident to thrive in their career within the sector. Each journey will be different and we champion that no path is the same.

How it works

MentorHER works in six-month long cycles, and each MentorHER cohort will have a slightly different focus.

Cohort 1 launched in June 2023 with a focus on women in the first 1-2 years of their career in tech.

Applications to be a Mentee or Mentor for Cohort 2 will open later in the year.

You can join the Digital Her Mailing List to be updated when applications go live.

Meet our supporters

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MentorHER is currently supported by Auto Trader UK.

To sponsor a MentorHER cohort, please take a look at the Digital Her Sponsorship Pack.

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