Turtley Awesome Data

Turtley Awesome Data is a resource developed by Real Role Models at Slalom. This content can be used for a Geography, ICT, Maths. By completing this lesson, pupils will understand how Analytics can help people to make sense of trends and patterns in data. They will understand how an example technology solution that can be used in relation to the understanding the specific data.

Overview of the activity: As the number of phones, tablets, computers, apps and websites being made everyday continues to increase so does the amount of associated data. We want to help students to understand why being able to understand data is important and what technology companies use to do this. To help bring the topic to life we look at a group of 90,000 turtles in Costa Rica and see what we can learn about them. We ask the pupils to take the data and look for trends at each stage of the sea turtle’s life from hatching from the egg through to being an adult, and then walk through a detailed analysis we have already completed to show what you can do with more time.

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