MentorHER: Mentor’s Reflections #2 with Elaine Mullan

In this series, we’re asking the women in our MentorHER community for their reflections on the programme.

Here’s the second instalment, from Corlytics’ Elaine Mullan.

“MentorHER brings together a vibrant community of
mentors and mentees, fostering camaraderie and an open exchange of knowledge and challenges.”

Empowering Growth and Learning Through Mentorship: My MentorHER journey

Reflecting on my journey with MentorHER, I am reminded of a fundamental truth: sometimes, our own growth becomes most evident when we extend a guiding hand to others. My path within MentorHER, a programme for mentoring women in the tech industry, has been one of personal empowerment and enlightenment. It’s a journey that serves a dual purpose: to ‘give back’; and to embrace the opportunity for personal growth.

The MentorHER programme, designed and orchestrated by Manchester Digital, has been instrumental in facilitating this interesting and fun experience. With the unwavering support of Heather Leonard and Kirsten Peters Roebuck, MentorHER brings together a vibrant community of mentors and mentees, fostering camaraderie and an open exchange of knowledge and challenges. I am fortunate to work at Corlytics, a pioneering firm in regulatory technology, who see the value in personal growth and supporting women in the wider tech community.

MentorHER stands as a testament to the remarkable power that lies in seasoned professionals sharing their wisdom with those in search of guidance. It is a symbiotic relationship where mentors share their insights while gaining fresh perspectives from mentees—a process that requires lots of active listening and genuine engagement! I stepped into a role where my experiences, my challenges, and my triumphs could profoundly impact another person’s journey; It is a humbling and exhilarating realisation. Indeed, one of my key learnings during my time as a mentor has been recognising the importance of valuing my own skills and experiences.

Like many women, I had often underestimated my own knowledge, achievements, and potential impact. Guiding my mentee through her challenges and aspirations has, I guess, unveiled the power of my own narrative and the insights I possess to assist her on her path.

Before each session, I consider how our session could be structured particularly as my mentee requested quite a structured approach and what materials could be useful. I’m always a mix of excited and nervous starting our monthly session as I want our time to be dynamic and impactful. It will be interesting to see if this slight giddiness changes as our mentoring relationship grows and we come to understand each other a bit better. So far, our sessions have been online but we plan to try for in person meetings at a later date.

I was surprised when the mentorship process really ignited my competitive spirit. Witnessing my mentee’s pursuit of success has been inspiring, but I have to remember that this is not a race to be won (I’m probably still working on combatting my desire to win and to have the best overall mentor/mentee experience!). It is a collaborative endeavour that fuels our collective progress and underscores the mutual benefits of mentorship.

The programme’s ability to forge meaningful connections, its emphasis on the value of shared experiences, and its transformative effects on individuals underscore the significance of such opportunities, especially in today’s male-dominated tech landscape. We definitely need more of these types of opportunities.

As I continue on this path, I stand ready to embrace the forthcoming challenges and victories, knowing that each step brings us closer to a brighter, more equitable future in the tech industry.

Written by Elaine Mullan

MentorHER Cohort One is sponsored by Auto Trader UK

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