Katie Barnes


External Affairs Assistant


University Academy 92

I am in charge of social media, email communications and website at UA92. I also act as content producer and brand guardian within the marketing team to ensure any publication, digital or in print is creative but still in line with our brand.

I am...
The skills I use most in my job...


Copy Writing

Data Reprting

The most interesting thing I've worked on in my career so far...

Creating and maintaining the social media channels for our university. We want to do things differently to others in the sector so to be able to think creatively, have big ideas and put them into practice very quickly has been very interesting.

What inspired me into digital and tech...

It happened accidentally! I wanted to be as creative as possible at work and digital provides that opportunity. This also felt like a good versatile area to work in. Nearly every sector you can think of has a digital element nowadays, therefore it felt like a sensible place to gain skills as they can applied wherever my career path will take me in the future.

My educational background is...

I studied English Literature and Spanish at University. I developed my professional skills through an internship but gained most of my professional experience simply through working hard every day.

What advice I'd give to girls thinking about a career in digital and tech...

You should consider digital and tech as a career path as it is so versatile! No matter what sector you might want to work in the the future, digital and tech will be a part of it. Don't worry if you don't know what you want to do yet or where want to go - digital and tech can take you anywhere and anyone can learn.

Job type tags:

Business and strategy

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