Emma Gray


Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer


Working with various businesses as a freelancer

I work with businesses on digital marketing strategy - from SEO to social media to advertising. I also run workshops and develop training to help small businesses do their own digital. I focus on a mix between a data-driven approach and the more creative side of marketing, such as writing content.

I am...
Always learning
The skills I use most in my job...


Data analysis




The most interesting thing I've worked on in my career so far...

Working as a digital skills trainer and coach for Google's Digital Garage programme keeps me on my toes. I get to meet interesting businesses across the UK and provide free training. I also worked for a cat cafe on their marketing and website content - the dream for a cat lover!

What inspired me into digital and tech...

I worked at a chocolate shop, where I started helping out with some of the digital side of the business, while taking a marketing evening course to learn as much as I could. When I discovered Google Ads and Analytics, it was the perfect mix of technical and creative for me. On moving to London, I got a job as a digital advertising analyst at an agency, then went freelance.

My educational background is...

My degree was in Maths and Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. Since then I've learnt new digital skills through a mix of in-house training at previous jobs, online courses, and learning by doing.

What advice I'd give to girls thinking about a career in digital and tech...

Try a bit of everything! Have a go at coding, start a blog or YouTube channel, try out Photoshop or data analysis. It'll help you to figure out what you enjoy, and you'll learn new skills along the way. There's something for everyone in digital and tech, whether you want to be creative, technical or a bit of both.

Job type tags:

Analysis Business and strategy Data and information Problem-solving and developing solutions

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