Emma Fiona Parkin


Business Consultant


BAE Systems

As a business consultant I support our customers to solve issues, create value, and improve business performance. Currently I am part of our internal Strategic Partnerships team, we are working to grow our Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) partnerships.

I am...
The skills I use most in my job...



Relationship Management

Change Management

The most interesting thing I've worked on in my career so far...

I have worked in National Security and Defence industries my whole career, all projects I get involved in have the aim of preventing crime. Being able to work in this area is always interesting and it is so fulfilling knowing the work we are doing protects our country.

What inspired me into digital and tech...

I have always been interested in science and technology, the chance to have a career working at the forefront of technological developments is incredibly exciting.

My educational background is...

I graduated with a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. Once I graduated I spent two years on a graduate scheme, this was a great opportunity to be able to rotated around different departments within a company to understand which areas I enjoyed most. From that scheme I decided I wanted a more business focussed role.

What advice I'd give to girls thinking about a career in digital and tech...

Don't hesitate it's a great choice to make! There are so many different roles to choose from and there is the choice to specialise in so many different areas of technology. Choosing a career in this sector means you will always be learning as technology is changes so quickly.

Job type tags:

Analysis Business and strategy People / team management Problem-solving and developing solutions

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