Aishah Hussain


Software Engineer



As a software engineer, I help to create and build software programmes. I work alongside other software engineers and we use our technical knowledge, programming skills and tools to build and deliver software products that meet the needs of businesses and organisations. I also play my part in researching, designing and also testing any contribution to the software I make.

I am...
The skills I use most in my job...





Communication Skills

The most interesting thing I've worked on in my career so far...

It has been amazing working on a web/mobile application that I would one day also be the end-user of. The app is an embodiment of all the hard work my team and I have poured into it and to then become an end-user of it brings me great satisfaction to see how it is benefiting me and the people around me. To be part of the full journey from creating the app and to also using is a great and interesting experience.

What inspired me into digital and tech...

Since I was younger, I was naturally drawn to latest technology gadgets - may it be a new video game console or a new kitchen gadget! I always had a fascination in learning about latest advancements in the field and saw the big potential in how I can make a big difference in the world by getting into the digital and tech world. People in digital and tech are innovators and people who innovate will be the key to what unfolds in the next coming years. This made me realise that rather than being a passive consumer of tech, I wanted to shape the future of tech instead - especially in the case of using tech for social good.

My educational background is...

I studied Ancient History at Warwick but I always had a passion for video games, being creative and also seeing how technology has helped us to unravel the ancient world! During the Covid lockdown, I began to self-teach myself to code using youtube and Linkedin Learning which made me realise that I wanted to pursue a career in software engineering - so I applied for the Code First Girls Software Engineering Nanodegree and was successful! The Nanodegree trained me up for a career pathway in software engineering. Continuous learning is part of being a software engineer and I always find ways to develop myself more as a software engineer, hence why I am a MongoDB certified Developer and MongoDB SI Architect.

What advice I'd give to girls thinking about a career in digital and tech...

Everyone's journey in digital and tech is different and personal and because of this, please do not think that you are not catching up with others or that you have not made much progress. You need to believe and trust yourself that you have the skills to succeed in a digital and tech career! Take courses or attend workshops to strengthen your skills and embrace challenges. Every challenge will be an opportunity to grow and learn and do it at your pace and own your own journey! Finding a mentor or support network of other women in tech can be extremely helpful and can offer great guidance and you can learn from their journey. Don't let fear hold you back - you are amazing and with determination and support, you will have a great career!

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Development Problem-solving and developing solutions Testing and QA

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