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Digital Her has partnered with Greater Manchester’s best Technology and Digital companies to create KS3-KS5 Computer Science & career insight resources. Resources are designed for remote delivery and are free to download for schools and colleges. Explore the areas below for workshops, career insight and challenges and role model content.


Studio91 Media: Beat the Brief Challenge

The Challenge:

EVERYONE WANTS TO “DO” VIDEO – but have you got what it takes to create real storytelling?

Manchester’s Studio91 Media are challenging you to produce a short, video campaign based on a choice of brief. All you need is a mobile phone and tons of creativity. Use whatever space you have at home – anything goes as long as you stay safe and follow social distancing rules.

Download the challenge pack here to get started.

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On The Beach: The Product Lifecycle Workshop

This workshop all about the Product Lifecycle. You are going to wear plenty of different hats, taking on a number of different job roles within the lifecycle in the development of a digital product.

Delivery details: Suitable for all levels. Appropriate for KS4-5. Completed as a group project or individually.

  • Suitable for remote learning.

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Institute of Coding: Group Learning Activities

Liven up the computer science curriculum with activities that will see your students coding artificial brains, programming emotive robots, and creating algorithms to help people suffering locked in syndrome, to name but a few. Developed by teaching and academic staff at Queen Mary’s University London in partnership with the Institute of Coding, or proud Digital Her sponsor.

All activity sheets include guidance on: learning outcomes, outline of syllabus links, variations / extensions.

See ‘Computer Science activities available via Digital Her Audit’ excel document for more detail about the nature of each activity.

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Institute of Coding: Remote Learning Activities

Here to support remote learning during COVID-19 restrictions – these activity plans will liven up the Computer Science curriculum during this period of distance learning. Developed by teaching and academic staff at Queen Mary’s University London, each activity includes clear LOs and syllabus links, focusing on a range of topics such as algorithms, sequencing, computational thinking, coding, Abstraction, If statements, Java, Python, Scratch etc.

See ‘Computer Science activities available via Digital Her Audit’ excel document for more detail about the nature of each activity.

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Turtley Awesome Data

Turtley Awesome Data is a resource developed by Real Role Models at Slalom. This content can be used for a Geography, ICT, Maths. By completing this lesson, pupils will understand how Analytics can help people to make sense of trends and patterns in data. They will understand how an example technology solution that can be used in relation to the understanding the specific data.

Overview of the activity: As the number of phones, tablets, computers, apps and websites being made everyday continues to increase so does the amount of associated data. We want to help students to understand why being able to understand data is important and what technology companies use to do this. To help bring the topic to life we look at a group of 90,000 turtles in Costa Rica and see what we can learn about them. We ask the pupils to take the data and look for trends at each stage of the sea turtle’s life from hatching from the egg through to being an adult, and then walk through a detailed analysis we have already completed to show what you can do with more time.

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Manchester City Football Club Web Design Activity

This engaging educational resource has been designed by our Manchester Roadshow sponsor, Manchester City Football Club.

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Careers Insight Resource Overview: Get into Digital

No digital experience? No Problem.

Have you ever wondered who makes the wheels of the massive Co-operative Bank go round? Well, get ready to go behind the scenes as we introduce you to the incredible women on the Co-operative Bank’s Digital Team. You’ll hear from eight women in a range of digital jobs, telling you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about their journey to digital career success…Prepared to be surprised….none of these women came from a ‘tech’ or computer science background!

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The Co-operative Mobile Banking App Challenge

The Challenge:

With cash being used less and less and people controlling their money from their mobile phones, the Cooperative Bank want to ask YOU, the brightest, digitally-capable brains from Manchester, to help us design a brand new, user-friendly, mobile banking app.

Get creative – anything goes!

  • Closing date: Wednesday July 1st 2020.
  • Open to: school and college students.

Download this competition pack for more information.

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Role Models

Role Model resources coming soon!