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Digital Her College Roadshow, 22nd June 2021

Like everyone, we had to reimagine how we delivered our Digital Her programme during 2020. The landscape of how we worked as a sector, and how education was operating saw us deliver almost all of our roadshow events online last year. And while there is something special about the impact of our in-person roadshows and industry insights activities, actually adapting in this way meant we were able to reach even more young women than previously. The development of more asynchronous online resources and rich media content gave more schools and colleges the opportunity to use these with their students while learning moved online too. This shift also allowed more businesses to support us directly too, as virtual delivery allowed more flexibility and opportunities to be involved. So, we’re back for 2021, building on the successes and positives that came from last year. In 2021 we can look forward to more interactive employer designed and delivered digital skills and career insights workshops, real role model engagement, as well as Women Talk events and meetups. We’ll also be introducing our Digital Her mentor programme and our virtual curiosity camp this year too. We hope we can start to think about the return of our in person events in 2021/22. To all of our sponsors and supporters, thank you for your continued support and commitment - we look forward to continuing to work with you. Our first event of 2021 is our Digital Her College Roadshow on 22nd June.