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My Skills My Life

My Skills My Life is a resource, developed by WISE, to be used by young people to discover careers suited to their personality types. The activity comprises an online activity that can be found here: www.myskillsmylife.org.uk. The students can complete the quiz online or by using the paper resource (downloadable). Once they have completed this, it shows them all the real life role models that have the same personality as them and the career they have in STEM (Science, Technology & Engineering). It shows career pathways that the role models have taken. It’s an opportunity for students to find out about lots of different careers before making a decision about their future. To find the resources, go to: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/wise-my-skills-my-life-careers-resource-role-models-12180160 or search ‘My Skills My Life’ on TES. For more details about the resource, please click here.