Our Mission

It’s simple. We need more women in technology and digital now and in the future.

Digital Her exists to address this issue. Our mission is to help end inequality in the technology and digital sector.

If you agree this is important, join us to make it happen.

Digital Her is a programme from Manchester Digital dedicated to inspiring and encouraging more young women across Greater Manchester to consider careers in technology and digital.

By harnessing the power industry mentors and real role models, Digital Her will provide the support, the opportunities and the guidance needed to empower a new generation of women into our industry and equip those key influencers around them (teachers, careers advisors and parents)  to help them make informed decisions about their digital futures.

Our mission is:

  • To engage more young women across Greater Manchester to consider careers in digital and technology
  • To use the power of real role models in the industry to bring this to life
  • Provide valuable awareness and insights of tech employers and access to local opportunities for young women 
  • To provide support for educators and career leads
  • To provide mentoring to women in their early careers
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