Digital Her Scholarship

We’re excited to be working with Code Nation again throughout 2021 as a sponsor of our industry-backed Digital Her programme! Together we’ll be providing accessible and fully-funded coding scholarships to create more opportunities for women to enter the digital and tech sector across Greater Manchester.

We’re offering two types of scholarship:

  1. Develop Coding – a 3 week level 2 certified course
  2. Master Coding – a 12 week full time coding bootcamp

Applications are now open for both of these pathways, and course will commence in July (various dates)

We welcome applications from women of a diverse background and prior coding knowledge is not required to apply. All you need to do is tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think this scholarship would help you. Apply below.

This is an incredible (re)training opportunity. During this three month supported training programme, our Digital Her scholars are training to become Junior Developers by learning core coding principles, front and back-end development, and key commercial and soft skills such as the agile methodology and teamwork. All Digital Her scholars also receive a fast track guaranteed place at the Manchester Digital Software Development Apprenticeship Programme assessment day, where they will get the opportunity to meet tech employers looking to hire.

Bootcamp blog

Week 1: Introducing JavaScript

The week where it all begins! For some students this is the first time they’ve ever seriously written any code, for some it’s about formalising things they already know – what’s certain for everyone though is this is the first step on their journey to becoming professional software developers.

Covering everything from the foundations of coding and JavaScript through to the best yoga exercises to do when you’re coding (seriously!), it’s got the lot.

Imagine the Sunday night before the course starts and you haven’t done any coding before. By the end of this week you’ll have learned all about variables, constants, arrays, functions, loops, if/else statements, good practice, problem-solving, using professional-grade tools like Visual Studio Code effectively… phew.

Lucy Donnelly, our first Digital Her scholar describing her first week:

It’s been a whirlwind! What I’ve learnt in 10 days would have taken me months to cover through self-study. Starting with JavaScript, we’ve definitely been thrown in at the deep end! All the new terms and expressions seem scary at first, but the immersion really allows you to get a grip on new concepts more quickly than you might think. We covered everything from variables to functions to arrays, and were able to use them to solve mini-challenges set by the tutors. 

Importantly, it is always stressed that everyone learns at their own pace. Instead of feeling discouraged whenever I felt behind or stuck with a problem, I recognised that it might take me longer than others but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do it. 

Persistence is definitely key! In week two we moved on to using HTML and CSS which play a big role in the style and layout of the websites we use everyday. One task required us to use CSS to transform a standard page into something a bit more colourful (see pics!). Although it looks pretty simple it actually took a fair while, and was a great exercise in learning by doing. Our tutors regularly set us challenges and give us projects to work on so there’s always something to be getting on with! 

We’ll be hearing more from Lucy, as well as our second scholar Laila Mirza, as they progress through the scholarship, learning core coding principles, front and back-end development, and key commercial and soft skills such as the agile methodology and teamwork.